Book Reviews of The Adventures of Prince Camar & Princess Badoura


‘… A warm and accessible style of writing including some lovely illustrations. This ancient classic has been redesigned to appeal to children and is perfect for our eight year old who is now free reading and exploring many different genres. This is her first Arabian Nights Adventure and I’m pretty sure it won’t be her last.’ – Read to TabbyLou age 7, as reviewed on Toppsta

‘This is the second book that I have read to my son from the Arabian Nights Adventures series. They have both been an excellent introduction to the ancient Arabic tales which I remember reading as a young child … My son thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a perfect read for 6 – 9 year olds. Both accessible and entertaining. I would definitely recommend it.’ – Read to a 6 year old, as reviewed on Toppsta

‘My 7 year old daughter discovered Arabian Nights Adventures books this past summer. She is always anxious to hear the next story in the series. This time she had a chance to read The Adventures of Prince Camar & Princess Badoura … I read through the book and found that the story line moves quickly … There is something unique about this book: unexpected developments and a tidy ending for a book of it’s length and depth … I believe it’s just perfect beginner chapter books. My daughter LOVES it and the book currently lives under her pink pillow.’ – Read by Suzanne age 7, as reviewed on Toppsta

Book Reviews of Aladdin & his Wonderful Lamp


‘My son enjoyed reading this book. He would tell me what was happening and found it exciting. The text is a good size and nice and clear which is important as my son has dyslexia.’ – Evemot, as reviewed on Toppsta

‘Arabian Nights Adventures books are marvellous and they attract so many people of all ages. Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp is one of my favourites. Last year I took my daughter to a live production of Aladdin and she was really excited to get a chance to read this book. She likes the story and the illustrations. It was a delight to read it. Personally, I know only the Disney version so the original story was a real surprise for me – and I love it!  This book is a little treasure and everyone should have it on the bookshelf.’ – Read to Suzanne age 7, reviewed on Toppsta by HappyMum

‘I was so excited when my mummy told me that I had won a book from Toppsta! I rushed home from school to read it and it was as exciting a book as I could have wanted! Aladdin is so brave. I told all my friends at school that they should read this book!’ – Read by Hermione age 7, as reviewed on Toppsta

‘This is a lovely book, I am so glad it is part of our collection! … The book is written in such a way that both my 6 and 8 year old can read it either with me or on their own. There are some illustrations throughout the book and these are great too. I don’t want to give too much away but it’s a great story and will be read over and over I am sure.’ – Read to Mouse age 6 and Leggies age 8, as reviewed on Toppsta

‘I really enjoyed this book. The story was exciting and the words were easy to see and read which is important for me as I have dyslexia.’ – Read by Ewanm age 8, as reviewed on Toppsta

‘My 9 year old and I read this together. We enjoyed the story very much. The sorcerer was a great baddie and most unlikeable.  At less than 150 pages the book was very accessible.’ – Read to Jack age 9, as reviewed on Toppsta

Book Reviews of Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves

Ali Baba_Cover

‘My son read this to himself at bedtime and had finished it in two days – for me this would earn it 5 stars! We still read books together, so it was great that he was so engaged and enthralled by the story. When I asked him how many stars he would give the book he initially said 4 1/2, and then 4. Having read the other reviews that this had quite gruesome descriptions I was surprised that my son enjoyed this. He said he would recommend this book to friends, and he has asked me to get the other books from this series. So overall, this book was a winner! – Read by Bobbin age 9, as reviewed on Toppsta

‘A well written classic tale with some lovely black and white illustrations. It was easy to read and follow the story, however my 8 year old girl is a little sensitive and didn’t like reading about the killing of people and it did make her put the book down so I passed the book on to a boy the same age and he really enjoyed it and the killing bits did not bother him. His reading skills are not as great as my girl’s but he managed it fine by himself.’ – Read by ejpot age 8, as reviewed on Toppsta

‘This classic tale is simply and clearly told in this edition. However, it does not gloss over the somewhat more gruesome aspects of the original. The killing of the bandits is particularly grisly. It is a thrilling story and my son was definitely caught up in it. It is great that the Arabian Nights Adventures have been broken down into single stories in this way. It has made it more accessible to a younger reader.’ – Read to a 6 year old, as reviewed on Toppsta



Book Reviews of Gulnare of the Sea

Gulnare of the Sea is One of the 100 Best Children’s Books of 2016 according to children and parents on Toppsta!


‘Gulnare of the Sea is one of the best stories I’ve ever read!’ – Read by Kieranadine07 age 7, as reviewed on Toppsta

‘(This) has been a super book to share with my daughter who is 7 … Sea adventures, princesses, enchanted cities, battles, love – what’s not to like?! … I know we will be looking to start a new book collection now of more in this series … Appealing to all.’ – Read to Hannah age 7, as reviewed on Toppsta

‘A really accessible read, good old-fashioned storytelling … brilliant to read together with younger children or for a confident reader looking for something magical … endearing illustrations from Anja Gram … Gulnare of the Sea is a gorgeous story … Kelley Townley does an excellent job in retelling these stories in a simple, engaging style.’ – Read by Catherine, as reviewed on Toppsta

‘Fantastic book with lots of twists and turns. The book says it’s for ages 7-11 but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it too … Would definitely recommend this book for children and adults alike.’ – Read to Jamesp age 8, as reviewed on Toppsta

‘… While this book may be designed for ages 7-11 it is a great story for most older ages too. I loved revisiting a story I’d read in my own childhood and will look out for others in the series.’ – Read to eviltedijr age 9 and conkerswrath age 8, as reviewed on Toppsta

‘This is a lovely story full of adventure and magic. It’s one of the less well known Arabian Nights stories. The girls really enjoyed this story in particular because it was about a princess and much of it was set in the sea. We would love to read more in the series. The book text is easy to read, my 9 year old could read it independently very easily. The text was accompanied by beautiful illustrations. Highly recommended.’ – Read to Lydib age 9 and Fifiod age 4, as reviewed on Toppsta

‘… We like the story a lot – personally it reminds me of the stories I used to read as a child (25 years ago) … My daughter really likes the adventures of King Beder – sinking ship or him being changed into the white bird are her favourite. I think the author has written a light, cunning and shrewd book! We already ordered another title in series: The Adventures of Prince Camar and Princess Badoura. I highly recomend this book not only for 7-10 years old but also for older children!’ – Read to Suzanne age 7, as reviewed on Toppsta

‘I have read this book to my 6 year old a chapter at a time each night, just the right length before bed. The story is both wonderful and gripping, moving through the life of Gulnare and her family both in the sea and on land at a cracking pace.’ – Read to Erin age 6, as reviewed on Toppsta

‘A great read with lots of little twists … I found myself wanting to read more even though my daughter was asleep. Would 100% recommend it.’ – Read to Eric age 6 and Ame age 7, as reviewed on Toppsta

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