‘… A warm and accessible style of writing including some lovely illustrations. This ancient classic has been redesigned to appeal to children and is perfect for our eight year old who is now free reading and exploring many different genres. This is her first Arabian Nights Adventure and I’m pretty sure it won’t be her last.’ – Read to TabbyLou age 7, as reviewed on Toppsta

‘This is the second book that I have read to my son from the Arabian Nights Adventures series. They have both been an excellent introduction to the ancient Arabic tales which I remember reading as a young child … My son thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a perfect read for 6 – 9 year olds. Both accessible and entertaining. I would definitely recommend it.’ – Read to a 6 year old, as reviewed on Toppsta

‘My 7 year old daughter discovered Arabian Nights Adventures books this past summer. She is always anxious to hear the next story in the series. This time she had a chance to read The Adventures of Prince Camar & Princess Badoura … I read through the book and found that the story line moves quickly … There is something unique about this book: unexpected developments and a tidy ending for a book of it’s length and depth … I believe it’s just perfect beginner chapter books. My daughter LOVES it and the book currently lives under her pink pillow.’ – Read by Suzanne age 7, as reviewed on Toppsta