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About the Arabian Nights Adventures series

13 illustrated, black & white paperbacks featuring the best tales from The Arabian Nights. Retold by Kelley Townley. Illustrated by Anja Gram. Ages 7+ years.

This is an exciting new young reader series of tales from The Arabian Nights. Fun, gripping, beautifully told and illustrated, they are perfect for introducing young readers to the rich stories from this classic collection.

The collection includes traditional favourites such as Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp, The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves as well as less well-known gems such as The Tale of Zubaidah and the Three Qalandars, Gulnare of the Sea … and more.

These contemporary retellings will captivate readers of any age. The series style is fresh and the print inside is beautifully typeset, making them an ideal collection of chapter books for children who have outgrown their reading scheme books and are ready for new adventures.

Within the series are a balance of shorter stories and longer epics. The longer stories are often comprised of ‘stories within stories’, enabling children to experience devices of narrative structure within story-telling.

Arabian Nights Adventures books are perfect for collecting. When arranged on bookshelves the distinctive spines of these numbered editions reveal the characteristic Arabian Nights cityscape which grows as new stories are added – a design made specially for 1,001 nights’ tales!

1. The Adventures of Prince Camar and Princess Badoura

Prince Camar Cover

A prince and princess meet and fall in love but they are separated by thousands of miles. Join Camar and Badoura on their epic adventures as they search for each other across the ancient lands of Arabia. Genies, voyages, secret identities, hidden treasure and more. With only the tiniest of clues to guide them, can they succeed?

ISBN 978-1-911030-00-3

Black and white paperback with illustrations, 136 pages. Unabridged.

2. Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp

Aladdin Cover

Aladdin is a poor boy who lives with his mother in the ancient kingdom of Cathay. One day a strange man appears offering untold riches and young Aladdin is sorely tempted. Join Aladdin on his incredible adventures and visit the cave of treasures. A world of magic awaits you but watch your step – there’s mischief lurking at every turn!

ISBN 978-1-911030-01-0

Black & white paperback with illustrations, 146 pages. Unabridged.

3. Gulnare of the Sea


A mysterious lady is brought to the palace of a great sultan but she never utters a word and does nothing but stare at the sea – all day, every day. As her story unfolds we are treated to a sumptuous tale of enchantment, sorcery, magical transformations and adventure. In the story of Gulnare a watery sea-theme pervades everything, creating magical underwater kingdoms and raging under-the-sea battles. A rarely-told gem from the Arabian Nights, this is beautifully illustrated storytelling at its very best.

ISBN 978-1-911030-02-7

Black and white paperback with illustrations, 158 pages. Unabridged.


4. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Ali Baba_Cover

One day while Ali Baba is collecting wood in the forest he overhears the password to a cave where thieves have hidden their treasure. For the simple woodcutter it’s a dream come true, or is it? The thieves soon find out that someone else knows about the cave. And they go looking for the culprit!

ISBN 978-1-911030-03-4

Black and white paperback with illustrations, 102 pages. Unabridged.

5. The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor


Sinbad sets sail from Baghdad with a ship full of fine goods to trade and seek his fortune in the world. Seven voyages, seven thrilling tales of monsters and strange creatures, grave peril and spectacular deeds, shipwreck and survival. So get set! Join Sinbad on his incredible adventures and sail the seven seas. This is one of the greatest adventure stories of all time.

ISBN 978-1-911030-04-1

Black and white paperback with illustrations, 214 pages. Unabridged.

6. The Enchanted Horse


Today is the great festival of New Year. A gigantic statue of a horse is brought to the palace of the sultan, a gift for His Majesty. Intrigued, the young prince seizes the reins. But this is no ordinary horse and little does Prince Firouz realise the magical journeys that lie in store for him. Set amidst a dazzling backdrop of mountain kingdoms, winter gardens and exquisite palaces, The Enchanted Horse offers young readers all the wonderment of an Arabian Nights world in rich, sumptuous detail.

ISBN 978-1-911030-05-8

Black and white paperback with illustrations, 102 pages. Unabridged.

7. The Talking Bird, the Singing Tree and the Golden Water


Bahman, Perviz and Parizade are three siblings who spend much of their happy childhood climbing trees, building forts and shooting bows and arrows. One day a travelling dervish visits their humble cottage in the woods and talks about a mysterious bird kept prisoner by an evil sorcerer. The children set off to rescue the bird, but they must first get past the menacing danger that lurks along the steep rocky path to the bird’s hideaway. Only then does the truth about a certain mystery finally emerge … one that has haunted the sultan and his wife for nearly two decades.

ISBN 978-1-911030-06-5

Black and white paperback with illustrations, 102 pages. Unabridged.

8. The Merchant and the Jinni

Merchant Jinni_front cover

A merchant named Massoud mounts his horse one day to go and visit his supplier of nutmeg. Exhausted from the heat of the sun, he turns from the path to seek shelter at a small oasis. Unknown to Massoud, however, this tranquil spot is in fact a place of malignant magic, inhabited by a malevolent jinni. Before long the demonic beast appears carrying two giant scimitar swords and accuses poor Massoud of having committed a terrible crime … for which he is to be severely punished. Can poor Massoud escape this awful fate? The Merchant and the Jinni is a collection of tales of dark magic, fear and vengeance, over which only the power of forgiveness can triumph.

ISBN 978-1-911030-07-2

Black and white paperback with illustrations, 142 pages. Unabridged.



9. The Tale of Zubaidah and the Three Qalandars


A brass horse and rider sit atop a dome at the peak of a magnetic mountain, drawing passing ships to a certain doom along the rocky shores of its base. A young woman arrives at a coastal town to find its inhabitants motionless, petrified in stone. Wild imaginings and outlandish plots are hallmarks of these tales that chart the adventures and fortunes of Zubaidah, her sisters, and three qalandars, sons of sultans forced by fate and folly to roam the earth as impoverished beggars. Prepare to be spellbound by tales of treachery and revenge, evil enchantments and epic battles, justice and redemption.

ISBN 978-1-911030-08-9

Black and white paperback with illustrations, 246 pages. Unabridged.

10. The Adventures of Harun al-Rashid, Caliph of Baghdad


Caliph Harun al-Rashid goes disguised through the markets of Baghdad where he chances upon various strange encounters: a beggar who implores the caliph to strike him; a youth who spurs cruelly a mare upon which he rides. Bewildered, the caliph orders them to attend his palace so he might uncover what lies behind their odd behaviour. Back at the palace two more strangers arrive: a merchant with a mystery to solve regarding some olives; a young man with a beautiful falcon.

The Adventures of Harun al-Rashid, Caliph of Baghdad is a collection of four tales from The Arabian Nights– four unfortunate souls, victims of folly and misfortune, seek justice and redemption. Here are their stories.

ISBN 978-1-911030-09-6

Black and white paperback with illustrations, 174 pages. Unabridged.

11. The Three Princes, the Princess and the Jinni Pari Banou

Three Princes_Cover

The sultan of the Indies has a suspicion. Could it be that Ahmed his son and Ahmed’s wife wish to dethrone him and take over his kingdom? As a test of their intentions the sultan, egged on by the sorceress Shahd, makes various demands of the pair. But how will Ahmed and his wife respond as these requests become more and more outrageous?

Drama, intrigue, magic, mischief and sorcery are all aplenty in this incredible tale from The Arabian Nights.

ISBN 978-1-911030-10-2

Black and white paperback with illustrations, 174 pages. Unabridged.

12. The Fisherman and the Jinni



A sparkling lake set amidst lovely hills is full of fish of an unusual beauty. But when the sultan orders his cook to prepare some, the task is trickier than it seems.

The Fisherman and the Jinni is one of the great tales from The Arabian Nights. Enter a world of enchantment and discover an extraordinary web of beautifully interwoven stories.

ISBN 978-1-911030-11-9

Black and white paperback with illustrations. 126 pages. Unabridged.

13. The King’s Jester

Kings Jester 9781911030126

One day a tailor invites the king’s jester to his home to enjoy a festive meal of fish with his wife. But the jester swallows a bone and chokes to death. Fearing punishment the tailor and his wife try to get rid of the corpse. This sets off a series of increasingly bizarre happenings and unfortunate events. The King’s Jester is an exquisite collection of tales that blend comic humour with an incisive portrayal of social relations … with gripping results!

ISBN 978-1-911030-12-6

Black and white paperback with illustrations. 112 pages. Unabridged.

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