Ali Baba_Cover

‘My son read this to himself at bedtime and had finished it in two days – for me this would earn it 5 stars! We still read books together, so it was great that he was so engaged and enthralled by the story. When I asked him how many stars he would give the book he initially said 4 1/2, and then 4. Having read the other reviews that this had quite gruesome descriptions I was surprised that my son enjoyed this. He said he would recommend this book to friends, and he has asked me to get the other books from this series. So overall, this book was a winner! – Read by Bobbin age 9, as reviewed on Toppsta

‘A well written classic tale with some lovely black and white illustrations. It was easy to read and follow the story, however my 8 year old girl is a little sensitive and didn’t like reading about the killing of people and it did make her put the book down so I passed the book on to a boy the same age and he really enjoyed it and the killing bits did not bother him. His reading skills are not as great as my girl’s but he managed it fine by himself.’ – Read by ejpot age 8, as reviewed on Toppsta

‘This classic tale is simply and clearly told in this edition. However, it does not gloss over the somewhat more gruesome aspects of the original. The killing of the bandits is particularly grisly. It is a thrilling story and my son was definitely caught up in it. It is great that the Arabian Nights Adventures have been broken down into single stories in this way. It has made it more accessible to a younger reader.’ – Read to a 6 year old, as reviewed on Toppsta