Merchant Jinni_front cover

A merchant named Massoud mounts his horse one day to go and visit his supplier of nutmeg. Exhausted from the heat of the sun, he turns from the path to seek shelter at a small oasis. Unknown to Massoud, however, this tranquil spot is in fact a place of malignant magic, inhabited by a malevolent jinni. Before long the demonic beast appears carrying two giant scimitar swords and accuses poor Massoud of having committed a terrible crime … for which he is to be severely punished. Can poor Massoud escape this awful fate? The Merchant and the Jinni is a collection of tales of dark magic, fear and vengeance, over which only the power of forgiveness can triumph.

ISBN 978-1-911030-07-2

Black and white paperback with illustrations, 142 pages. Unabridged.