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Sinbad is a sailor from Baghdad. Having squandered all his money as a youth he loads a ship full of fine goods and sets sail, hoping to trade and seek his fortune in the world. This book tells the story of the seven voyages of Sinbad the sailor – seven incredible tales full of monsters, sea creatures, dangerous escapades, spectacular deeds, enchantment and unimaginable riches.

The Curious Island Sinbad and his crew find themselves in uncharted waters, but soon they spot an island and they can’t believe their luck – an oasis full of palm trees and (hopefully) some fresh water too. Eagerly they step ashore and begin to explore. But things aren’t what they seem and this curious place appears to rumble beneath their very feet. What’s going on?

The Enchanted River Hopelessly lost and drifting in the open water for days on end, Sinbad and his crew spot a peaked island that might once have been a volcano. But one of the crew becomes deathly pale. He’s been to this enchanted place before and barely escaped with his life! A strange, rapid current starts dragging the ship towards one of the island’s rocky coves, and before long Sinbad and his crew find themselves shipwrecked and washed ashore. But Sinbad is determined to find out the secret of the unnatural current that got them into this mess.

The Old Man of the Sea Sinbad encounters a bedraggled old man in a desperate situation and helps him out of his predicament, but the old man is not at all what he seems.

The Valley of Gems With the help of the rocs – those huge, magical birds that can carry an elephant in their claws – Sinbad finds himself in a most spectacular place full of unimaginable riches. But the valley is surrounded by huge rocks rising up on all sides, and there is no way Sinbad can climb out let alone take any of the precious treasure with him. What happens next?

An Exchange of Gifts On one of his voyages Sinbad meets the beautiful Avanthi and they exchange gifts before Sinbad sets off on his long journey back home to Baghdad. Will Sinbad and Avanthi ever meet again?