A prince and princess meet and fall in love, but thanks to the antics of two mischievous genies they soon find themselves separated by thousands of miles. With only the tiniest of clues to guide them they embark on an epic search for each other, travelling vast distances across land and sea. Genies, voyages, secret identities, hidden treasure and more, this is a beautiful tale of love and adventure, a gem from the Arabian Nights.

Prince Camar_A Chinese palace
A magnificent palace in China that is home to Princess Badoura.
Prince Camar_A worried sultan
Shah Zaman is the Sultan who governs over the Islands of the Children of Khaledan. He is the father of Prince Camar.
Prince Camar_Mainoune visits Prince Camar in the abandoned tower
Maimoune is a powerful genie who visits Prince Camar while he is imprisoned in the old abandoned tower.
Prince Camar_Princess Badoura awakes
Princess Badoura awakes and demands to know who was the person she met the night before.
Prince Camar_The evil bird
An evil bird who steals the good luck talisman belonging to Princess Badoura. This causes all manner of mishaps and woes until the talisman is found once again.
Prince Camar_The long journey
Prince Camar and Marzavan journey for many months across deserts and mountains in the hope of finding Princess Badoura.