The ‘talisman’ keeps cropping up in Arabian Nights stories!

Prince Camar_The evil bird
In The Adventures of Prince Camar and Princess Badoura, there is an evil bird who steals a good luck talisman that was given to Princess Badoura by her mother. This causes all manner of mishaps and woes until the talisman is found once again.

A talisman is an object which is meant to bring you luck or protection. It can be made of anything but it must be magically charged – maybe by a spell or a chant or prayer – to give it its power. It will often be carved with pictures or symbols that act as clues as to what it is for. Princess Badoura’s mother gave her a lucky talisman as a wedding present, but when she loses it there is no end of trouble until the talisman is found once again.

Imagine you are going on an adventure, perhaps to explore a strange forest or a wilderness full of magical beasts or to visit a newly discovered planet in a special rocket. You are going to need all the good luck you can get and your best friend gives you a lucky charm or a talisman to take with you.

Write a story about your adventure and draw a picture of your talisman. What powers does your talisman have? What pictures or symbols does it have that gives clues about its powers?

One day while you are on your adventure you realise your precious talisman is missing. What happens to you as a result? Do you ever find your talisman again?