Antoine Galland is famous for being the first person to translate the Arabian Nights stories into a European language. He translated them into French.


Here are some facts about Antoine Galland…

  • Born in the north of France in 1646
  • He was the seventh child of a poor family
  • He studied Hebrew, Latin and Greek and learned Arabic, Persian and Turkish
  • He travelled in Syria and the Levant and accompanied the French ambassador to Constantinople – modern day Istanbul in Turkey – between 1670 and 1675
  • He kept a journal of his travels
  • He also translated the Koran and wrote widely on Islamic culture and the Middle East
  • He died in Paris in 1715

Now here are some fun activities for kids…

  • Antoine Galland learnt to speak several languages during his life. Do you know any words or phrases from different languages? Can you say or write any of them down?
  • Which language would you love to learn? How would you go about learning it?
  • Antoine Galland died in 1715. During his life he travelled to many different countries and kept a journal of his travels. What kinds of things do you imagine he kept in his journal?
  • Imagine you are on a trip to somewhere entirely new. Make your very own journal in which you record some of the exciting things you have seen, discovered, experienced, felt and learnt. To make it really interesting, use as many different methods of recording in your journal as possible – photos, stories, letters to friends and family, drawings, and so on.