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Aladdin A poor boy who lives in the slums of Cathay with his mother.

The evil sorcerer A magician who travels all the way from Africa to Cathay to find a magic lamp. Whoever has the magic lamp can command the genie and become the most powerful person in the world. But the lamp is buried deep underground in a magnificent cave of treasures.

Genie ‘I am Genie of the Lamp. I repay the keeper of the lamp with wishes as thanks for good care of my lamp. What would thou have of me?’

Princess Buddir The beautiful daughter of the sultan of the ancient kingdom of Cathay whom Aladdin wishes to marry. But Aladdin must first persuade her father that he’s worthy enough.

The Grand Vizier Scheming advisor to the sultan who wishes to marry his own son to the princess Buddir.

Rocs Huge magical birds that can carry an elephant in their claws. They are rare and precious beings who are friends of Genie and helped him come by his lamp.