Discover this incredible tale from the Arabian Nights, available now as the ninth title in the magnificent Arabian Nights Adventures series written by Kelley Townley and illustrated by Anja Gram.

A brass horse and rider sit atop a dome at the peak of a magnetic mountain, drawing passing ships to a certain doom along the rocky shores of its base. A man made of darkness and weeds silently steers a boat made of seashells, sinking below the water at the slightest utterance. A young woman arrives at a coastal town to find its inhabitants motionless, petrified in stone. A worm heads for a nearby pomegranate; the pomegranate swells and explodes, scattering its seeds everywhere; a wolf turns into a parrot and eats the seeds, but misses one; this seed rolls into a river and out rises a giant fish in its place.

These are just a few of the outlandish plots in these incredible tales that chart the adventures and fortunes of Zubaidah, a spirited young woman from Baghdad, her sisters, and three qalandars, sons of sultans forced by fate and folly to roam the earth as impoverished beggars.

Prepare to be spellbound by breathtaking tales of treachery and revenge, evil enchantments and epic battles, justice and redemption.

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